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If you have recently been accepted into Ology Kids Casting a free Casting Networks profile will be created for you and you will soon receive an email directly from Casting Networks with your login details (after the initial photo session), this is in addition to the main profile on the Ology Kids Casting site.

About Casting Networks

‘Casting Networks, Inc. is a software company dedicated to providing business solutions for entertainment professionals. By creating tools for communication, scheduling, media management, marketing, career development, and talent scouting, we are streamlining some of the most complex processes facing the industry and creating an environment that will make it easier for these professionals to find work and get their jobs done.

Starting in 2002 in San Francisco, Casting Director Beau Bonneau saw a need to reduce the seemingly endless quantity of paperwork and phone calls required to cast a project. With help from colleagues in the casting world, he developed the first system to put the entire casting process online. This system became known as “L.A. Casting.” Casting Networks has since expanded to all of the major casting markets in the United States, and is the most trusted online casting service in the industry.

Since its national expansion, Casting Networks continues to set the standard internationally and bridge the gap between Hollywood and the industry abroad.’


Premium Services

As mentioned above, for members of Ology Kids Casting a free basic profile will be created that includes a complimentary first photo upload (to be done by Ology Kids Casting) and unlimited updates to CV, skills and sizes. Casting Networks offer the option to expand your free, basic profile with the flexibility to choose which premium services you would like.  You can decide whether you would like to pay monthly, bi-yearly or yearly, or to purchase additional images a la carte as a one time fee.

Click HERE to watch a tutorial on how to add credits and media to a Profile.

Media Hosting – Unlimited Videos

  • £5 per month
  • £25 for 6 months up front (1 month free)
  • £50 for 1 year up front (2 months free)

When paying monthly, you can stop payment when you go on holiday – the profile will return to the Basic Profile with one headshot and CV.  All media will be archived and can be featured again when you return and start payment.

Media Hosting allows you to:

Upload unlimited media clips to the profile including a show reel and audio reel.

Attach multiple audio and video clips to individual credits that are playable from within your online CV.

Attach audio and video clips to skills and languages. 



Ability to add/delete/re-arrange up to 50 images


  • £5 per month
  • £25 for 6 months up front (1 month free)
  • £50 for 1 year up front (2 months free)


Pay Per Image

  • £15 per image
    • These images will be permanent on a profile until removed by ourselves when considered to be out of date.

Please note that images considered to be out of date by Ology Kids Casting may result in submissions through Casting Networks ceasing until an updated photo, chosen by Ology Kids Casting, is uploaded by one of the methods detailed above.


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    Good luck to Callum in London today for a new Hilton TV commercial and to Isaiah shooting for CBeebies' Gigglebiz!!
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